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Special Education

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SCSC SESS (Special Education Support Services)

SESS provides special education support services for Silver Creek School Corporation.

Our office is located at 206 North Albany Street, Sellersburg, IN.

Program Description

Silver Creek School Corporation provides students with identified disabilities, a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) that meets state standards listed in Indiana’s special education rules called “Article 7”. Article 7 is Indiana’s guidelines to the Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and other federal regulations. A copy of these rules are located in the Parent Resources section of this page. A student identified with disabilities may receive special education services from the public school from the time the student is 3 through the age of 21. School personnel or the parent may refer a student for an initial educational evaluation. If a parent wishes to refer a student for evaluation, it is important to contact the building principal or designated counselor on how to make the referral. Upon completion of the evaluation, a case conference committee meets to decide if a student is eligible for special education services. During the meeting, the committee develops the student’s individualized educational plan (IEP) and discusses the need for related services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, transportation, etc. Sometimes a student may have an educational need that does not require specially designed instruction (SDI) and whose needs can be met by a 504 Plan. Your building principal and/or counselor can help you determine if a 504 or special education referral might be a viable route for your student. Keep in mind many of our schools offer a number of Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions that do not require special education services. The Silver Creek School Corporation staff are here to help. If you have questions, the best place to start is with your student’s teacher, counselor and building administrators.

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In accordance with Indiana’s Article 7, SCSC is responsible for locating, identifying, and evaluating students aged 3 to under 22, who are in need of special education and related services, regardless of the severity of their disabilities.  This mandate includes:

  • students with a legal settlement within SCSC

  • those who attend nonpublic school

  • those served by an agency, or live in an institution located within SCSC

  • homeless students

  • wards of the state

  • highly mobile students

  • those suspected of having a disability and in need of special education despite being promoted from grade to grade.

SCSC representatives meet annually with representatives from St. John Paul II Catholic School to discuss special education evaluations, services, and funding.  Brochures, with contact information for SCSC Special Education Support Services and information regarding evaluation and special services, are made available to parents and families at the Sellersburg Public Library, other locations in the community, and at local preschools.

The SCSC Corporation website includes a Special Education page with contact information and Indiana’s Procedural Safeguards.  Any SCSC employee aware of a student suspected of being in need of services should encourage the parent/guardian to contact the school to request an evaluation.

If your child is age 2 ½ through 21, attends any school within the boundaries of the Silver Creek School District or you live in our community and you suspect your child may have a disability, please do the following:

  • For children at least two and a half years of age, but not yet age-eligible for kindergarten, you should contact the Preschool Coordinator, Heather Smith, at 812-248-7271, ext. 4266
  • For students who are eligible for kindergarten through age 21, you should contact your child’s teacher, school counselor or building administrator to discuss your concerns and explore the steps to be taken. If your child is not enrolled in public school, you should contact the counselor or building administrator in the building your child would attend if enrolled.


Empower all students to reach maximum independence in living and learning.


Provide an educational experience, for students who have disabilities, that values:

  • high expectations for ALL
  • standards based learning
  • a diverse continuum of services
  • free and appropriate public education (FAPE)
  • individual needs of each student
  • specially designed instruction (SDI)
  • appropriate accommodations & modifications
  • least restrictive learning environment (LRE)
  • responsive interventions
  • meaningful inclusive classroom experiences
  • culturally responsive practices
  • student self-determination, self-advocacy & independence
  • opportunities for vocational training and paid employment experiences
  • high quality professional development
  • positive relationships between students, families, staff and administration
  • progress monitoring
  • State and Federal laws


Many of the programs in Silver Creek School Corporation benefit from the support of the WHAS Crusade for Children Grant. This grant has provided yearly funding for our students who have disabilities. The WHAS Crusade for Children applies 100% of their donations to helping people with special needs. Their generous contributions have allowed us to purchase expensive equipment that otherwise may not be able to be purchased. They have also allowed us to purchase a lot of digital curriculum that are highly engaging to our students. This year we were able to purchase curricular materials that will help many of our students be better prepared for life when they leave high school. If you would like to learn more about the WHAS Crusade for Children and ways you can help support programming in the area, please visit


Silver Creek Community Schools must locate, identify, and evaluate all children with disabilities enrolled by their parents in private schools including religious schools who may be eligible for special education services. We must offer a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) to all children with disabilities, enrolled by their parents in private schools including religious schools who are determined to be eligible for special education service. St. John Paul is a school meeting such criteria that resides in the Silver Creek School district. Each year, an annual consultation meeting between SCSC and St. John Paul will be held. The date, time and location will be advertised here, as well. Parents of private school, parentally placed students and parents of homeschool students are invited to this consultation meeting.The following will be discussed: (1) The child find process (2) The determination of the proportionate amount of federal funds, as specified in section 7 of this rule, available to serve nonpublic school students, including how the proportionate amount of those funds was calculated. (3) An explanation of how the consultation process between the: (A) public agency; (B) nonpublic school representatives; and (C) parent representatives of nonpublic school students; will operate throughout the school year to ensure that nonpublic school students with disabilities identified through the child find process can meaningfully participate in special education and related services. (4) How, where, and by whom, special education and related services will be provided for nonpublic school students with disabilities.(5) If the public agency disagrees with the views of the nonpublic school officials on the provision of services or the types of services, whether provided directly or through a contract, the public agency must explain how it will provide to the nonpublic school officials a written explanation of the reasons why the public agency chose not to accept the views of the nonpublic school officials.

For questions, please contact: Kelly Grangier Director of Special Education Silver Creek School Corporation: | 812-248-7270


The IRCA has announced that they will be hosting a series of webinars over the year. They will be held on the 2nd Monday of each month.
Click here for details and for registration information.


Meet Our Staff

Kelly Grangier

Kelly Grangier
Titles: Director of Special Education
Locations: Administration Building

Megan Krebs

Megan Krebs
Titles: Special Education Administrative Assistant, Secretary
Locations: Administration Building

Heather Smith

Heather Smith
Titles: Speech and Language Coordinator
Locations: Silver Creek Primary School


Parent Resources