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Section 9: Resources for Students

Speaking Practice

Pronunciation Practice

Did you know that there is a new feature in google searches that allows you to hear and practice speaking different words?! 

Let's just say for example you needed some practice pronouncing "wheelbarrow". Type it into the google search bar with the word "pronunciation". Voila! You can hear it and practice speaking the word!

Reading Practice

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This tool can be used to simplify complex text for faster student comprehension.

1. Select text that you would like simplified/or a webpage.

2. Open

3. Paste in the yellow box at the top of the page.

4. Voila! The text is compacted into an easier to read format.

Google Meets

How to translate Google Meets in Captioning or in Chats



Chrome Extensions

Immersive Reader Tool

Rosetta Stone

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Prosser Career Education Center

Prosser Career Education Center is committed to providing multiple work-based learning experiences and programs to all students. Work-based learning activities collaboratively engage local employers and Prosser instructors to provide structured learning experiences for students. These experiences allow students to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and lab to real-world situations. All work-based learning experiences and activities are strategically integrated within the CTE curriculum. Some of this valuable learning will occur within the classroom environment while much of it will occur in a place of business or community organization.